Core Values
Betul Oil is decentralized, yet integrated; it is a strong team driven by entrepreneurs. These seemingly contradictory ideas come together to form The Betul Oil Way, our unique way of working. The Betul Oil Way sets us apart and is a key to our success. It helps drive financial performance; create loyal customer relationships; and facilitate the successful acquisition and integration.
We are committed to furthering the well-being of our stake holders and the communities where we operate.
Honesty & Fairness guide our every action.

We exhibit loyalty to the company and foster loyalty in others.
We are fair with others and in all dealings.

We adhere to high ethical standards of business conduct.

Farmer / Customer Focus
We focus on our customers and farmers.

We understand and respect customer and farmer needs
We develop positive, trusting relationships with customers and farmers

We are dedicated to providing the customer with the highest levels of  quality and service.

Openness & Trust
We value and reward openness and trust

We are straightforward, honest and direct in dealing with others.
We are friendly and approachable.
We encourage free and open discussion without judgment.

We value individual excellence & work as a team across business boundaries and geographies for the benefit of Betul Oil.

We act for the benefit of the company regardless of business unit or self-interest.
We share information & resources with others.
We show respect for others and their points of view.

We are dedicated, passionate and personally responsible.

We accept personal responsibility for our actions.
We demonstrate passion and high energy for getting results.
We are persistent and determined in the face of challenges.

We are entrepreneurs

We have a sense of urgency and a bias for action
We show high initiative to deliver results
We encourage risk-taking that has been carefully considered.

Our way is built upon a set of CORE VALUES. Taken together, these values define an organization that believes in:

Making decisions at the local level, where understanding of the marketplace is greatest and efficiency easiest to achieve;

Improving service by building lasting relationships with customers in their own language and customs;

Motivating entrepreneurial employees toward common goals rather than directing them from the top down; and
Engendering a sense of commitment and openness.
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