Welcome to Betul Oil Ltd.

We are engaged in the business of solvent extraction, refining of edible oils, manufacture and trading of de-oiled cakes, animal feeds, specialty ingredients and development of hybrid seeds. As part of our solvent extraction business, we extract oils from seeds such as soyabean seeds, sunflower, safflower, maize germ, sal seed, mango seed, cotton seed and mahua seed which are refined further into edible oils. We also procure crude oil from third parties and retail refined edible oil.
The residue left after extraction of oil from seeds is referred to as “de-oiled cakes” or “meal”, which is the vital ingredient in manufacture of animal feeds. While we market de-oiled cakes directly, we also supply processed animal feed as part of forward integration of our operations. We also manufacture specialty ingredient products such as soya lecithin, mango oil, sal oil and stearine, which are also processed extracts of seeds. We develop high-yield hybrid certified seeds for soybean and other crops at our seed development division at Betul. Such certified seeds are used by farmers to develop soya bean crops which are utilized in oil extraction subsequently.

We have backward integrated our business by setting up a private mandi and a warehouse at Betul, Madhya Pradesh to provide a transparent market platform to procure raw material, provide storage and warehousing facilities to farmers. We also intend to set-up two additional mandis, one each at Satna, Madhya Pradesh and Solapur, Maharashtra. We believe that mandis provide access to raw materials in a systematic manner and allows us to build long term relationship with the farmers. We lease out our warehouse to farmers which indirectly facilitates assured source of raw material supply during non-peak seasons.

We set up our first solvent extraction unit at Betul, Madhya Pradesh in 1981 with a total solvent extraction capacity of 30,000 TPA (100 TPD) and over the years have set up two additional units at Satna, Madhya Pradesh and Solapur, Maharashtra. Our cumulative solvent extraction capacity is 367,500 TPA (1225 TPD), edible oil refining capacity is 96,000 TPA (320 TPD), cattle feed manufacturing capacity is 30,000 TPA (100 TPD), soya lecithin manufacturing capacity is 4,410 TPA (15 TPD) and grading capacity is 86,400 TPA (288 TPD). In order to capitalize on the opportunities in the sector, we propose to set up another solvent extraction unit and refinery at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu and expand our existing units. Subsequent to the execution of our proposed expansion plans, our solvent extraction capacity would be incremented to 547,500 TPA (1,825 TPD), our edible oil refining capacity would be 141,000 TPA (470 TPD) and our cattle feed manufacturing capacity would be 90,000 TPA (300 TPD).

We have a pan-India presence and market our products across seventeen states in India. Our edible oil distribution network comprises of seventeen dealers and two depots through whom we access more than 5,000 retailers across India. We market edible oil primarily under our brands “Saras” and “Siddha Gold”. We believe we are one of the largest suppliers of soybean meal to the domestic animal feed industry catering to more than 850 poultry farms directly. Our cattle feed distribution network comprises of sixty one distributors across Maharashtra and Karnataka.

We also export soybean meal, directly and indirectly, to Far East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and China and to countries which are members of the SAARC organisation. We also export, directly and indirectly, soya lecithin, mango oil, sal oil and stearine predominantly to the European Union and Japan.

We also operate two wind energy power generation units with an installed capacity of 1.25 MW each at Dhule, Maharashtra and Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. We supply electricity to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited from the Dhule unit and we utilize the power generated at the Dewas unit for captive consumption.

Our plants at Betul have been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification by the Bureau Veritas Certification (India) Private Limited in respect of manufacture and sale of edible oils and de-oiled cakes. BM Trada has certified that the quality management systems of our plant at Solapur meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Our Company has also been awarded the “Bhartiya Udyog Ratan Award” by the Indian Economic Development and Research Association. The Soyabean Processors Association of India has presented our Company the “Highest Capacity Utilisation Award” consecutively for the years 2002 to 2005. We were awarded the “Indian Achievers Award for Industrial Excellence” by the Indian Economic Development and Research Association in 2010. Our Company had also been nominated among the top three companies in the “FMCG, Food and Agri-Business” category at the CNBC TV-18’s, rated by CRISIL “Emerging India Awards 2007”.

Our net sales have grown at a CAGR of 36.32 % from Rs. 1,559.19 million in FY 2005 to Rs. 5,384.77 million in FY 2009. Our PAT has grown at a CAGR of 47.55 % from Rs. 41.30 million in FY 2005 to Rs. 195.76 million in FY 2009.
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